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My running journey started in Calgary, Alberta in 2008.  Tired of working long hours and needing an opportunity to explore the new city, I joined the Calgary Outdoor Club.

Kar was instrumental in kindling my love affair with running.  She hosted the weekly runs.   What started as a weekly 5k run snowballed into Sunday Morning Long runs, into Hills and Drills, and ultimately Dash and Dines.  So I went from running 2 times a week that summer to at least 3 times a week that fall.

Through running I have met an amazing group of friends, including the Hill Sergeant (more about how I met the Hill Sergeant in future posts).    Since May 2009, I began participating in road racing.  I was hooked after the 10k.   Throughout this blog I will sprinkle in some of the memorable moments.

When I moved back to Houston in 2010, running was one of the things that has kept me sane during the transition home.   It is also through running where I have met my neat group of friends at the BON Racing Team.

The Hill Sergeant has been an amazing support in my running journey (again, more stories later).  I am going to skip through many cool races.

Why Blog?

This will be a subject of a future post too.  I feel that since I am posting all my runs on Garmin anyways, may as well create a space to share ideas and my thoughts.

For now, the focus of this blog will be about my passion, progression, and random muses around my running stories.    There will be sappy moments.  There will be humor.  There will be hard core running stories.  🙂

My PR’s:

5k:  20:49  Deer Park Goblin 5k Oct 2012

5 miler:  35:37  Sugar Land Turkey Trot Nov 2012

10k:  46:01 Rodeo 10k February 2012

Half Marathon:  1:35:37 Sugar Land Half March 2013 (another story there)

Marathon:  3:26:07 Houston Marathon January 2013

For my complete racing stats, please visit:  http://athlinks.com/racer/70521926

High 5


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