I Promise to Have Fun…

Hello World,

I didn’t realize it’s been 3 months since I have last posted.   I thought work would slow down after end of February, but as my friend said “no good deed goes unpunished,”  it seems like the more you get done, the more items your to-do list receives.  Does that sound familiar to you?

Running since Houston Marathon….

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
~Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a genius.  He’s quite right.   So I decided in September 2014 that I would like to run Boston 2015, but I like to PR in Houston, so I ran ahead and ran the Houston Marathon, PR’ed and tried to somewhat train for Boston.   Does that sound familiar?

Ingredients of overdoing it = aggressive timeline at work for multiple projects (and ok, I am in control for some of the deadlines, but not all) + coaching certification + trying to jump back to 40+ miles/ week training 2 weeks after marathon

Recently, someone pretty smart mentioned that “physical pain” is a body’s way of telling us that emotionally we have been under too much stress.  With all that going on, my right hip decided to ring the warning bells and tell me that I need to prioritize better.

So I did.   On 2/28/2015, I sadly went to marathontour.com and cancelled the awesome hotel reservation that I have made for 4/20/2015.

Looking back, it was probably one of the smartest decisions I have made.   Not having the stress of training for Boston allowed me to look at my running in a different way.

I decided to have fun with my running in March and April:  no racing in March and only signed up for 5k’s in April and May.  As a result, I got to run with different folks and make new friends along the way.  I even got to be a rookie judge at the costume contest for the Bayou City Classic (It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know…..)

Racing without a Goal….

My hip felt so much better by mid March (2 weeks after I decided I won’t be toeing the start-line on 4/20).  So when April rolled around, I decided to test my fitness by running a few local, small 5k’s…

To not bore you, here is a recap of April and May in bullet form:

1) Run for Wellness http://thehwp.org/?page_id=410  4/5,  21:15, 1st female overall

2) Deer Park Strides for School 5k 4/13, 21:18, 1st AG (30-34)

3) Cinco de Mayo 5k – pacer – 22:23 (Way to go PIMsters for your awesome PR’s…) 5/2 (somehow, a 2nd AG for pacing)

4) Girls on the run 5k 5/3, 21:23, 1st overall female

cincodemayo  GOTR2015   runforwellness runforwellnessaward

In between, I had alot of fun on Tuesday nights in April to participate at the Tour de Bayou series.  It’s a “popular and free” series.   The attraction is the randomless of the courses, and the “I promise to be careful” pledge before each meet.   I actually can learn to like running offroad….(just not good at it, but it’s fun)


We also decided last minute to jump into a 1.5 mile relay at the Bayou Bash.  Our team, the PIMentos, actually did pretty well at 4pm in the afternoon.  Granted, I was the slowest member on the relay, but I was excited to see that I can clock a 6:25 min/mile pace for a 1.5 miler at 4pm in the middle of May!!!  We took 2nd place in the Mixed Open division (ok, there were only 3 teams in the category), but I was pretty happy with my time after running a 11 mile long run the morning of.


A week later, I participated at the corporate track meet.  Sadly, I couldn’t apply my speed from the Bayou Bash into the meet…but we had fun.

corporate track meet 2015

So what’s next….

Nothing for this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok except for the local 4th of July 5k and the Hot Undies Run on 8/1).   I am going to get into maintenance mode this summer….which means having more liberty to running with friends and stick with a speed work session per week.

I would like to get myself in shape and strong enough to train for a half marathon PR (preferably before 12/31/2015).   Right now, I am in research mode, debating whether to link the half marathon and use it as a building block for a strong marathon in January or try something else.   I am definitely open to suggestion, but expect the training to be something like:

Tuesday Intervals (probably start from 800m repeats and build up to 1 mile repeats at 5k pace)

Thursday Tempo (probably Threshold run between 10k and half marathon pace and build up to 6 mile tempo, not including warm up and cool down)

Saturday/Sunday Long Run (90 mins to 2 hours)

Rest of the week is easy….

The key is to make room to have fun…..I expect work to continue to be busy the remainder for the year and I really want running to be fun and not “work.”

We’ll see where it will take me.  And of course, not everything is cast in stone, so I will monitor and adjust as needed.

What do you love most about running?  What is your favorite type of running (racing, training run, speed work, destination run, or others?)


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Avid runner with a day time job as a Chemical Engineer. Large affinity to my Garmin Watch. Love Data.

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