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On Wednesday, I was at an all day training exercise and the topic was about winning together.   One of the examples the facilitate used really resonated with me.  “My friend Bob decided to train for the Berlin Marathon.  He has set a goal of 4:10.  Bob trained hard and he ran a 4:08.   Question… did Bob win?”

Everyone around the room unanimously said “Yes.”  Even though Bob didn’t run a 2:02:57, Bob had clearly beat his goal.   The frame of reference becomes very important.  I find myself often getting upset about myself, because I haven’t met certain “goals”.   But looking back, big milestones have been accomplished in both my personal and my professional life in the past 3 months that I would like to take a moment to reflect on,

We are now Husband and Wife…New Chapter in the Long Distance Race 😉


We have entered into a new chapter of our life on 12/18/2014.   For those who have been following, Michael and I finally got married and Michael was no longer a 90-day Fiance as of 12/18 (and we finally ended a 5-year + long distance relationship)!   We celebrated this big chapter of our life with a few close friend in a small intimate ceremony on the Living Bridge of Memorial Park.   The story of the wedding will become another post at another time (it’s quite exciting since a police officer was involved!).   Big thank you for everyone who took the time out to celebrate the special moment with us.  Big thank you to Maura for officiating!!!


Houston Marathon 2015 – Marathon #6 completed

A month after the wedding, I ran one of my best marathons to date.  The training cycle was filled with challenges:  balancing work, life and training.   A little over 1 month before the race, both Michael and I got a really really bad cold that won’t go away for weeks.  Thankfully I was able to take 2 weeks off from work (well, this just means not going into the office…) I was able to put in a few key workout the last week of December and putting me in good shape for taper.

The marathon itself merits its own post.  I will post that another time for a recap.  It was a reflective run.  Since all of my trainer partners had different goals for the race, I ended up running the race solo.  This allowed me to quietly observed the spectators and the course (you can get alot of thinking done in over 3 hours).

Thank you to Elvira and her hubby who came out to cheer at mile 19/20!  It was so awesome to see familiar faces on the lonesome Memorial Park stretch.  It was definitely a race to celebrate.  I was able to kept a pretty even split and savor the last 0.2 miles.

Funny moment:  At around mile 20, because the lack of Gatorade, I miscalculated and thought that I was in a pace that could have beaten 3:22.  So I yelled out to a volunteer and said….”I am going to beat my husband’s time today.”   She polite smiled….and I charged on.   Anyways, at mile 25, it became very apparent that I made some serious math mistakes.   The finish time was 3:24:33.   I officially have run a faster marathon than Apolo Anton Ono (hey, you have to celebrate every little thing).

housmarathon2015 easy

Work Front

Without giving too much detail here…Work hasn’t been a cake walk since we came back on 1/5/2015.   I was asked to lead a study and mid-way, the already aggressive deadline was move up further for us.  Long hours were dedicated to drive the study (thorough, fit-for-purpose but robust).   Thank goodness to awesome teammates.   We were able to deliver (a few days leading up to it, there were a few nail biting moments, but we all managed it through…I guess you just have to muster the courage like one would at mile 25).

A few speed bumps along the way….

  • Immigration paperwork hasn’t been smooth.  Michael had to ask for permission to leave the country due to family emergencies….and unfortunately, despite this took numerous calls and 2 trips to the immigration office….and the approval came in mid-Jan.
  • In the middle of that, we got a letter asking us to re-submit our marriage certificate.  Apparently, the first one sent with the package was “lost”.
  • I was cautious in taking the time to recover the few weeks following the marathon; however, my right hip just couldn’t take another round of marathon training (and the downhill).   7 weeks from Boston, I pulled out.  I think my right hip will thank me later.

Yet another Long-Term Goal achieved…

While Michael was in England, I spent Valentines Day with a group of aspiring running coaches.  After 2 years, I was able to get into the RRCA Coaching Certification Course.   It was 16 hours of classroom lecture including homework and case studies.   It was a very thought provoking weekend.  I can’t really say the material is new,but the course has really put everything together in cohesive way.

As if 16 hours of lectures on running/coaching isn’t enough, the certification process required answering 85 out of 100 multiple choice questions correctly.  Granted, the test was un-timed and open-book, but still….wow….one does not want to taunt statistics.  After double checking the answers, I felt that any more time invest in it qualify for ‘law of diminishing return”….so I click the submit and grade button and the results…..

test results

Since I had taken my first aid and CPR class, on Monday 2/23, I got an email that legitimatized my credential as a RRCA Coach!

Is there a point to this post? are still reading….The point is, I know I am not the smartest, the fastest, the most talented person.  In fact, I have to work extra hard through life to get by.   But that’s who I am.  While the last few months were challenging, I would like to take a moment to give myself permission to celebrate and reflect.  Heck, granted it wasn’t a 2:02:57 performance, I have set out goals and I have achieved them.  That’s not a shabby way to start a new year and embrace the future challenge ahead.


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