Back to Blogging (in time for Back to School)

Hi all,

I decided to take a little summer vacation from blogging.  I will do a few recaps of exciting summer adventures at a later day (including my recap on 1st time being a pace bunny).  So what has brought me back from the hiatus?  The answer is…PIM!

What is PIM?

Nope, it’s not the linear program that I run for refinery/cracker optimization.  😉   PIM stands for Power in Motion.  Power in Motion is a 10-week running program/clinic/fun experience sponsored and created by the Houston Area Road Runners (HARRA).  It is open to everyone ranging from run/walkers to seasoned runners.   The program is designed such that the participants will be able to complete a 5k race at the end of the 10 week.  

How did I get involved?

My friend Bernie has recruited me.  🙂  As soon as she mentioned that PIM is looking for volunteer coaches for the fall season, I checked out the website and decided to go for it.  As soon as I read the brochure and the coaches roster, I was immediately inspired.  




So what does it entail?

The 10-week program comes with a training plan for the participants (based on ability and experience level).  The program is very well organized.  For example, tonight, I went to the Coaches meeting.  Prior to the meeting, I was given glossary, information about the set up and expectation via email.  The Coaches were matched up so that each group will have 3 coaches and that at least 1 coach will be an experienced group.   

I am bummed that I was too busy to take notes during the meeting and forgot to take pictures.  I promise I will do a better job documenting things with photos in the next 10 weeks.  

Since this is my first time being a volunteer coach, I am going to use this forum to capture my thoughts and hopefully I can improve from here.  I volunteered because I am really passionate about running, meeting new people, but also learning from others.   

Oh if you can’t tell already, I am really excited.  I am partnered up with two very experience coaches.  One of them is a world record holder for female age 60 to 64 for 1500m.   The other partner in crime is a personal trainer.  🙂   I can’t wait for the next meeting and the pace finding exercise!


Have you ever volunteered at a race?  Have you ever volunteer to lead an exercise class?  Any tips for this first timer?


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Avid runner with a day time job as a Chemical Engineer. Large affinity to my Garmin Watch. Love Data.

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