Happy Mother’s Day and the Announcement!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I am lucky enough that I live so close to my folks that as soon as I wrap this up, I am heading over to say hi.   Many of my friends have recently become new mothers, so this Mother’s Day will be extra special for them.  In our running group, there are a few bundles of joy arriving in June and July.    One of my really good friends just had a baby girl last weekend.  I am really excited to be able to meet her when I visit Calgary.

The Houston Marathon (and Half Marathon) opened up for early registration on Tuesday this week.  Earlier this week, I have posted on my Facebook page for public opinion on whether I should sign up for the half or the full.  I was actually agonizing over the decision because I am really cheap and I would like to avoid having to pay $20 change fee later.   Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for that option, but at $115 for a half and $125 for the full, and $20 change fee, a hasty decision can be quite costly.

The reason for the deliberation is that I am considering running Boston 2015, which is in April.  I have learned from 2013 that the body can only take so much.  So putting back-to-back marathons on the calendars automatically has limited my opportunity to go for PR’s in shorter distances (and still allow proper time to train and recover). 

It was fun to see my friends’ responses.  The majority of them voted for Full.  I am thankful that my running group is supportive, they were the reasonable ones voting for Half. 

At this point, you must think I am milking the punch line. 

Drum roll, I have signed up for:

My Goals:

If I have a good fall training cycle, I am going to aim for a PR at Houston, and make Boston the fun race.   I will use some of the warm up races to gauge.  If I am not feeling 100%, I am going to offer myself as a pacer to get my lady running friends to the finish line with a BQ. 

My Plans for this summer:

  • Corporate track meet (5/17) – I am determined to set a personal record for myself on the 3000m.  I can go sub 12:45 right???
  • Be my fiance’s biggest fan at the Calgary Marathon on 6/1 (topic of a future post). 
  • Hot Undies Run 2014 (6/28) – a fun 2 milers with the coolest peeps.   If you are available, or if you would like to support these really cool organizations, please register here:  www.hotundiesrunhouston.com 
  • 4th of July 5k
  • A free 5k in August and/or September – as part of the Houston Wellness Project 🙂
  • Start training for the marathon September…. 🙂

Quite a full plate? 

How far in advance do you normally sign up for races?  What are your goal race(s) this year?





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Avid runner with a day time job as a Chemical Engineer. Large affinity to my Garmin Watch. Love Data.

One response to “Happy Mother’s Day and the Announcement!”

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says :

    Awesome, May!! I’m so excited that you’re doing the full! I hope I’m feeling up for it, too. I’m going to wait to register to see how I feel after the baby and then probably do the charity for MS again if I’m recovering quickly and up for the long runs.

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